Friday, 12 February 2016

Freddy Refurbishment - Valentine’s Day special

For over 50 years Freddy’s have been recognised for quality, longevity and value for money. We have Freddy Mark I machines still working in heavy industry that are over 35 years old!  We believe that with the correct maintenance and care…a machine can last a lifetime and more!

We all know that your Freddy is a friend to your business, enabling the smooth running of the manufacturing process by removing, filtering and returning coolant for longer life, and improving machining results.
However, after many years of service sometimes a Freddy can look and feel a little bit long in the tooth. This is where the refurbishment process is a fantastic route to go down.
Here at Freddy we are extremely proud of our refurbishment service. We just love to breathe new life into a Freddy that may be a little tired.  We take a before and after photograph of each project so that we can enjoy seeing the difference the refurbishment has made.

The refurbishment process is a great option if your Freddy is still in good working order. It’s cost effective and promotes environmental awareness in steering away from a disposable society.


In order to give you more of an insight into how the refurbishment process works, we have drawn up a summary of the main stages which are outlined below: 

  • The first step is for the machine to be assessed and tested in order to establish what is required and enable us to generate a quotation for the cost of refurbishment for the customer.
  • The machine will then be stripped down to its basic components, all of which are thoroughly inspected. If anything is deemed as ‘not up to scratch’ then replacement parts will of course be required.
  •  The actual frame and tank will go to the body shop to be shot blasted (taken back to bare metal). The structures will then be tested for integrity and freshly powder coated.
  •  Once the frame and tank have arrived back from the body shop everything is then re-assembled with replacement parts if they are required.
  •  The final stage is for the refurbished Freddy to be tested and signed off ready to go back to a very happy customer!

Please click here to view some of the refurbishments we have recently completed.

As we all know…Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it is very easy to take our Freddy’s for granted. This is why...this Valentine’s Day we are remembering to show our Freddy’s some love!

It is very important to regularly clean and maintain your Freddy so that you know that you are always getting the best out of the machine at all times.  It is very easy to take our Freddy’s for granted but these fantastic machines do need a little TLC from time to time.

FILTER BAGS are your Freddy’s best friend! They play a vital part in the performance of your Freddy by filtering the contaminants from the liquid (like a sieve).  If the contaminants are not filtered efficiently they will build up inside the machine and the only way to remove the ‘sludge’ (which can be very smelly) would be to literally shovel it out…and our refurb guys will tell you that it’s not an enjoyable task.

So please remember to regularly check your Freddy’s filter bag and replace if necessary…prevention rather than cure is always best!