Friday, 4 March 2016

Freddy looking after your workforce.

There are many problems that can arise from allowing contaminants to enter into your coolant supply. Contaminants or foreign bodies come in many forms such as chlorides, sulphates, lubrication oils (tramp oils), chips, fine abrasives (swarf) and other organic matter.

Frequent aeration, filtration and swarf removal are essential to not only extend coolant life and reduce disposal costs but also to reduce the risk of occupational health hazards such as skin irritation and dermatitis.
Skin conditions can arise if contaminants from the manufacturing process are allowed to remain on the skin and this is where the use of industrial vacuums can help. Industrial vacuums protect your workers by limiting their exposure to harmful contaminants which are product of daily activity in the workplace.

Awareness of employee health and safety is a vital aspect of running a business and will in turn keep your staff happy and their productivity levels up. Employee illness can lead to loss of man hours and in turn decrease in productivity so don’t let your workforce become victims of occupational illness.

If your employees were to contract any of these health problems you could be liable to pay compensation, which can be costly, especially if they are unable to work.  Providing suitable protective equipment, and using a vacuum to extract the coolant and remove the contaminants could help to prevent this.
Here at Freddy our range consists of Coolant recycling vacuums, Swarf vacuums, Tramp oil separators and Centrifuges. We also offer industrial dry vacuums, including ATEX rated vacuums, and HEPA vacuums.

They all work to limit occupational exposure to contaminants. However, type H vacuums are able to filter dust and extremely fine particles that arise from certain industrial processes. Type H vacuums refer to the vacuum having HEPA filtration.  HEPA filtration is for use where there is a need to safely and effectively pick up hazardous dusts and debris including asbestos, finely divided silica, carcinogens and highly active pharmaceutical products that are hazardous to health.
Workers in such conditions have been known to complain of respiratory symptoms like chronic cough, chest tightness and wheezing which can arise from prolonged exposure to dust like contaminants. Conditions, such as asthma, sore throats, and migraines can also be associated with long term exposure.

All in all, our range of vacuums serve to make your workplace a safer place to be. Not only do they reduce waste, they also reduce the potential health hazards and the associated costs.

So if you want to keep your coolant free of contaminants and keep your employees safe…why not let a Freddy help you?
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