Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why use a filter bag?

How much can we save you on coolant disposal?

If you are only using your Freddy to remove coolant from sumps for disposal, you are missing out on the filtration and recycling benefits your Freddy vacuum offers.

Disposing and replacing used coolant can be expensive, so what if I were to tell you that if you use a filter bag with your Freddy, you could cut the amount of coolant you dispose of by half? 

All Freddy coolant vacuums have a two stage filtration system.  The filter bag and the filter basket.   Our filter bags range from 1000 microns to 5 microns.  Some of our customers will filter their coolant a few times to really get the benefit, firstly through a coarse filter bag and then again through a finer filter bag for the fines and tramp oil.  However, the bag you use is dependent on your application, so it is always best to talk to a Freddy specialist as to which bags are going to give you the maximum benefit.

 So why not make the most of your Freddy vacuum today and see how much you can save?

So which filter bag?

The filter bag you need will be dependent on the viscosity of the liquid you are using and the material you are machining.

If you are using neat oil or machining brass, cast iron or other heavy metals, we recommend a coarser bag, our standard recommendation is the 600 micron reusable bag, but we can go up to 1000 microns dependent on the thickness of the oil.

For general water based coolant, or lighter grade neat oils, we recommend a 200 micron reusable bag, but we can go down to 100 microns, dependent on the materials being used.

Once you have completed the first stage of filtration, which will remove swarf, chippings etc you can then repeat the process with a finer filter bag.  These range from 100 microns to 5 microns.  The benefit of this is the finer bag will remove smaller particulate, and help to remove any oil contaminants in the coolant, which the coarser bag will not remove.

Removing these smaller particulates will improve surface finish, extend coolant life, reduce the risk of skin problems and reduce downtime, for example a Freddy Ecovac could complete this entire process for a 200l sump in under 10 minutes.

Our range of filter bags is available online - click here to see the full range.

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